Steven Deeds


Steven Deeds is a musician and solo artist, primarily playing independent folk music. Steven has 2 albums to his name, the most recent being "Dreamer" which released in March of 2011. A third album entitled "The Cavern" is scheduled to release Fall of 2013. You can find Steven's music on iTunes or Facebook.


Steven Deeds is a Graphic Design professional with years of experience in print media design and identity development. Steven has worked for musicians, newspapers, organizations, non-profits, churches, colleges, etc., completing various graphic design tasks. Steven currently is in Southern Illinois.

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Steven Deeds is a Web Developer with experience in custom online software application development and User Experience design. Steven takes pride in the work and is the founder of Love Lion Studio; a website development and graphic design studio; with a strong emphasis on custom web based solutions for people across the United States.


  • In solitude you will find your artist.
  • Obedience is the rapist of creativity
  • Happiness isn't hard to find, it's hard to keep.
  • Faith is accepting your ignorance, and aggressively following your heart.
  • A competent man is incapable of jealousy in anything. He trusts his woman in all things, and does not speak ill of her relationships with those who were there before him, but delights in her independence.
  • Clarity is often found in the fog.
  • A beautiful heart is worth more than a world of jewels, and harder to find.
  • A good song makes you feel like you're hearing your own thoughts out loud for the first time.
  • Every human I meet is a mirror that reflects my imperfections.
  • Those who weigh life with science or morals, do not fully understand the truth; that life is purely metaphysical.
  • Man's Fire Has but a moment of breath In which to build a ship of truth On which to sail his soul on the sea of immortality For death takes all things; beauty, courage and youth, But death cannot take truth.
  • Sometimes a man must build a bridge; a catalyst, to join his present with his future; his reality to his dream.
  • Before we can contemplate our purpose, we must first discover how truly small we are.
  • A good life is one inspired by vision, and guided by wisdom.
  • Our capacity for love is less than our capacity for longing. We miss those who have left us, far more than we could have loved them.
  • People only change when the pain of changing is less than the pain of remaining the same.
  • Silence. Love. Reverence. The holy trinity.
  • When we experience loneliness, we seek the company of others; yet it is while we entertain others that we experience true solidarity.
  • it is better to enjoy many small rewards, than to refuse them in waiting for one large reward.
  • Be still! One can't find himself, who keeps moving himself.
  • One of the biggest happiness inhibitors is exhaustion.
  • Depression is good for a man... If only for diversity.
  • We are creatures of habit; humans. It is through the rituals of our mothers, and the sins of our fathers that we find our comfort.
  • Freedom does not exist, therefore free will does not exist.
  • Into the thick and silent trees I wander, seeking to lose myself, and find a truth.
  • Sometimes, you just have to be quiet, and let nature do the talking.
  • The best things in life aren't free.. They're covered in your sweat and blood, and smeared with the pride of invention and stamina. The best things in life, demand the best from you.
  • Whether the world is just or unjust; fair or unfair; karma or no, all we can be is good men, and hope for the best.
  • All men are cavemen. no matter how civilized a man may seem -- at his heart, all he knows is the hunt.
  • What is our life compared to the cosmos?
  • We do nothing without the permission of nature.
  • Love is a risk we can't risk not taking.
  • the art of compromise is essential to personal peace.
  • I've never seen proof that 'the future' exists, therefore, I don't believe in it.
  • My position on freewill and fate is this: Humans are made to follow a path, a wide path; but a path nonetheless.
  • The only sin is pride; all sins fit this description.
  • Only when men stop dreaming, can there be peace.
  • Freedom in the natural is only an illusion.
  • All fears are rooted in our foundational fear of death.
  • Love is a sweet nectar secreted from our hearts; addictive on the lips of the receiver. But we know that when sweet nectar becomes familiar; our admiration for it disappears.
  • To be independent of want, to give, and never ask, to show forgiveness, and always own a patient hope; this be the yearning of a simple heart.
  • When I think of love, I think of death. The fear of dying without love, drives my motivation to find it.
  • Every action we commit comes for a deep, subliminal selfishness.
  • Why does man, with his eager heart, always seek that which he cannot have? I'll tell you the truth, my friend. A man without a dream is a dead man.
  • Lies are usually less offensive than the truth.
  • Nothing truly dies. They simply transform; change status. Be it body, love or dreams, death is simply another tool of creation.